Very professional and approachable trainer; tremendous command over the subject matter; a major factor in my PMP® as well as PRINCE2® certifications; effective & fun filled learning, excellent material to support the training!!!
- Mr. Tushar Joshi (Software Architect - Persistent Systems), PRINCE2® live online

Great trainer and a subject matter expert.
- Mr. Kalesh Kumar (Project Manager - Global IT Services at Thomson Reuters), MSP® live online

ROCKING!!! One of the best instructors I have come across.
- Mr. Keval Pandya - Accenture, PMP® @ Mumbai

Highly knowledgeable trainer - explained complex management issues so easily.
- Mr. Sitanshu Vasishth, PRINCE2® @ Bangaluru

Master trainer / facilitator - always ready to solve queries / questions (no matter how silly) with real life examples.
- Mr. Arun Ranjan (Director-Operations, Pangea3), PMP® @ Mumbai

So much maturity, and execellent knowledge on the subject matter. Highly recommended.
- Mr. Olufemi Sojinrin (Head, IT Transformation, First Bank of Nigeria, Lagos, Nigeria), PMP® @ Lagos, Nigeria

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