Very professional and approachable trainer; tremendous command over the subject matter; a major factor in my PMP® as well as PRINCE2® certifications; effective & fun filled learning, excellent material to support the training!!!
- Mr. Tushar Joshi (Software Architect - Persistent Systems), PRINCE2® live online

Great trainer and a subject matter expert.
- Mr. Kalesh Kumar (Project Manager - Global IT Services at Thomson Reuters), MSP® live online

ROCKING!!! One of the best instructors I have come across.
- Mr. Keval Pandya - Accenture, PMP® @ Mumbai

Highly knowledgeable trainer - explained complex management issues so easily.
- Mr. Sitanshu Vasishth, PRINCE2® @ Bangaluru

Master trainer / facilitator - always ready to solve queries / questions (no matter how silly) with real life examples.
- Mr. Arun Ranjan (Director-Operations, Pangea3), PMP® @ Mumbai

So much maturity, and execellent knowledge on the subject matter. Highly recommended.
- Mr. Olufemi Sojinrin (Head, IT Transformation, First Bank of Nigeria, Lagos, Nigeria), PMP® @ Lagos, Nigeria

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Your registration / enrollment to a training course will be considered valid subject to following:
  1. Full and complete payment of the training course fee is made by you and received by us in our bank account at least 7 (seven) working days before commencement of the training course,
  2. Your payment received by us is acknowledged by us via a written confirmation along with your unique admission code which you must carry along with you in its original format delivered to you for verification by the trainer or our employee at the course venue on the 1st day of the training,
  3. Cheque / Demand Draft / Pay Order is drawn to "Knowsys Technologies" payable at Mumbai, Maharashtra, India and the payment is received by us in our bank account,
  4. In case of payment made via cheque / Demand Draft / Pay Order, your registration / enrollment will be considered valid only after receipt of funds in our bank account,
  5. In case of your cheque being dishonoured, you make the full payment through a Demand Draft / Pay Order with an additional charge of Rs. 1,000.00 (Indian Rupees One Thousand only) at least 5 (five) working days before commencement of the training course,
  6. Course fee payment made to us by you through any internet based payment service provider or facility is not ever charged back / cancelled / withdrawn,
  7. Payment made to any person or entity other than our identifiable employee or through our online payment gateway service provider or to our specified bank account will not be treated as legitimate,
  8. For making payment through wire transfer using NEFT / RTGS facility, the payment is made to our bank account using information provided to you upon proper enrollment of the chosen training course.
Further, you hereby explicitly warrant, represent and agree that
  1. Confirmation of your enrollment and your entry / participation to the training course you intend to attend will be entirely at our sole discretion in case your course fee is received by us less than 7 (seven) working days before commencement of the training course,
  2. You have registered / enrolled for our training course solely for the purpose of your personal learning and skill development and / or for the unambiguous purpose of preparing for the certification exam, as may be applicable,
  3. You have no direct or indirect relationship with any entity/individual/consultant that provides competing training courses and certification exams,
  4. You will not allow any other person to access and use the Materials and attempt exam practice tests provided to you by us as deliverables of the training course that you have enrolled.
  5. You will not willfully cause any disruptions, disturbance, hindrance etc. for either any other participant(s) or the trainer / facilitator / service provider when attending your training course. Any reporting by our trainer and/or by our "at venue" represntative of such misdemeanor on your part will be uncontestable, whether such said misdemeanor on your part is corroborated, if needed to be, or not, by any of your fellow training course participant(s).
  6. Should you breach any of the terms mentioned herein, your access to our training session(s), website, services, materials, information etc. will be terminated and/or your course enrollment will be cancelled and/or your training course fees that you may have already paid for such enrolled training course(s) will be forfeited without any demur, excuse, argument, justification or your right to litigate or arbitrate.
Cancellation / Rescheduling / Change of Venue
  1. Our passion for serving you will prevent us from cancelling or rescheduling any of your training courses or change the method and/or venue of delivery. However, elements beyond our control like weather, unwell trainer, economic unfeasibility and other unforeseen circumstances may force us to do so. But, that will not deter us from putting our best foot forward and either deliver the course at the earliest opportunity or encourage you to be accommodated in alternate arrangements. Having said that, we will respect your decision to opt out, if at all without needing any justification from you. And in case you do choose to opt out, we will refund your fees, in keeping with our refund policy (see below), no questions asked, whatsoever,
  2. Any cancellation from our end will be communicated to you same day via your contact information on recorded with us. Emails and messages will be considered delivered as soon as our email and/or message server confirms successful outward delivery irrespective of you receiving and optionally acknowledging the receipt of the same,
  3. And yet, if you choose to cancel your registration, or opt out of a training course which is scheduled and delivered, we will refund of your course fees subject to our refund policy (see below),
  4. You can opt to reschedule your training course as many times as you want, subject to following:
    1. You make the reschedule request at least 15 (fifteen) working days prior to commencement of the training course,
    2. Availability of the training course and vacancy,
    3. Each reschedule requested by you later than 7 (seven) working days prior to commencement of the training course will be confirmed subject to availability within 3 working days after you paying us an additional INR 5,000 (Indian Rupees Five Thousand only),
    4. Fresh (or new) enrolling participants will be given priority compared to those requesting rescheduling.
  1. All refunds will be processed through same channel as payment made upon enrollment. For example, if you pay through cheque, we will refund through cheque payable to the same person/entity that made the payment when enrolling and so on. If such refund instruments are subject to any expenses, for example courier charges etc., such expenses will be deducted from the total amount refundable to you,
  2. All refunds due to cancellation of a training course from our end will be processed within 15 (fifteen) working days from the date of cancellation. All refunds due to cancellation upon your request will be processed within 30 (thirty) working days from the date of cancellation,
  3. If you choose to cancel your registration or opt out of a training course 7 (seven) or less calendar days prior to commencement date of the course, you will be refunded only 25% of the amount you have paid till date. Additionally, an "asset usage fee" (described in clauses hereafter) may be deductible from this 25% refundable amount,
  4. In case of cancellation, if any course content or materials (online or printed paper, like course handouts, reference manuals etc.) have been dispatched to you and not received back by us unaltered, intact and unspoiled along with their original and unspoilt/undamaged packaging within 7 (seven) working days from the date of cancellation having been communicated to you, a reasonable amount will be deductible from the refundable course fees. We call this the "asset usage fee". This "asset usage fee" may vary across training courses. Feel free to inquire about the exact "asset usage fee" through any of our contact details made public on our Website,
  5. Certain content or materials like reference manuals are usually expensively priced by their actual publishers and resellers. Such materials are provided to you strictly on "Returnable" basis and for reference only during the training course. Their actual price is NOT INCLUDED in your course fee. When such price is not included in your course fee, you will be asked to pay a "refundable deposit" towards such price. Such actual amount - whether included in your course fee and hence already charged; or explicitly asked by us and paid by you - will be refunded to you once such "Returnable" materials are received back by us unaltered, intact and unspoiled. It is your responsibility to ensure they are securely packaged when returning them to us by any third party delivery services. Our assessment of such returned materials being unaltered, intact and unspoiled or NOT and any "asset usage fee" therefore deducted from any training course fee - in part or in full - refunded to you on any account will be non-contestable,
  6. Certain other content or materials like the course handouts, exam practice case studies and question sets when provided to you in non-printed format are "Not Returnable" or cannot be comfirmed as "Returned". When they are provided to you in printed format, however, they can be "Returned" to us only if they are "unopened", unaltered, intact and unspoiled and retained in their "unopened" original packaging. Costs of such "unopened", unaltered, intact and unspoiled printed materials received back by us in their "unopened" original packaging though not separately computable will be refunded as part of the total amount refundable to you subject to refund terms defined herein,
  7. Any "asset usage fee" deducted when refunding will also be refunded to you once the "Returnable" content or materials described above are received back by us unaltered, intact and unspoiled along with their original "unopened" packaging where applicable,
  8. No refund becomes due in following circumstances
    1. You do not attend the training course at all,
    2. You do not cancel your registration / enrollment in compliance to terms described here above,
    3. You opt out mid-course.
  9. Lastly, if you happen to pay us more or multiple times (rare, but could happen) for your enrolled training course, please contact us or email us at along with the relevant details and we will process your refund of such excess payment subject to our refund policy mentioned herein. And should such an incident occur, don't worry! Rest assured that we are ever more striving to ensure a "happy learning" experience for you than ever to make you crease even your eyebrow over such incidents.
For every mother, her child is the best. And we believe the same for our training courses. Yet, the reality may be different at times. Though we believe your risk of not clearing a certification exam once you have attended our training course is near zero, such eventuality will need support. And we are committed to be there for you.

In the unlikeliest event of you not passing out a certification exam at the first attempt after having attended our training course, we encourage you to re-attend the training (maximum twice) at no additional cost to you after you have failed the exam at first attempt after your first attending the training course subject to following terms:

  1. You must have attended all the training course sessions first time on course dates,
  2. You must have followed each instruction from the course trainer during and after the course before appearing for the exam,
  3. You must have practiced each exam preparation case study and question set as directed by the trainer during and after the course before appearing for the exam,
  4. You must have adhered to each rule governing the exam,
  5. You must have appeared for the exam as per rules governing the exam and/or as directed by the trainer,
  6. For those exams that we do not conduct as part of the enrolled course like PMP®/CAPM® etc., you must have "first attempt"ed such an exam no later than 45 days after completion of the training course.
  7. For the full day classroom category training course, when re-attending the training, the following additional terms shall apply -
    1. You will need to arrange for your meals and refreshments yourself.
    2. You will not be given any course handouts/material etc.; you will need to use the one that was given to you when you attended the course first time.
Note: The ReExamination terms described above are not applicable if you have enrolled with us only for the exams. In other words, if you do not enroll for our training course, but only for appearing for an exam to comply with your certification continuation requirements like the re-registration exams for PRINCE2® - MSP® - P3O® Practitioner/Advance Practitioner accreditation etc., the above said ReExamination terms will not apply. In other words, in such case, you shall have no further support from us with respect to any Re-Examination.
This Policy will be updated when necessary and we reserve the right to do so. You are requested to review this Policy at your will to be aware of the latest.
Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
This Policy must be agreed along with our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy establishing the usage, disclaimers, and limitations of liability of our services.
General Disclaimer
Apart from training course deliverables, dedicated guidance and support for course related certification exams, we will not provide any other assistance, whether expressed or implied.

At any point of time, in any and all cases our liability will remain limited to the training course fee amount you may have paid to us for the training courses and/or exams only.


We reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time and without notice.

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