Very professional and approachable trainer; tremendous command over the subject matter; a major factor in my PMP® as well as PRINCE2® certifications; effective & fun filled learning, excellent material to support the training!!!
- Mr. Tushar Joshi (Software Architect - Persistent Systems), PRINCE2® live online

Great trainer and a subject matter expert.
- Mr. Kalesh Kumar (Project Manager - Global IT Services at Thomson Reuters), MSP® live online

ROCKING!!! One of the best instructors I have come across.
- Mr. Keval Pandya - Accenture, PMP® @ Mumbai

Highly knowledgeable trainer - explained complex management issues so easily.
- Mr. Sitanshu Vasishth, PRINCE2® @ Bangaluru

Master trainer / facilitator - always ready to solve queries / questions (no matter how silly) with real life examples.
- Mr. Arun Ranjan (Director-Operations, Pangea3), PMP® @ Mumbai

So much maturity, and execellent knowledge on the subject matter. Highly recommended.
- Mr. Olufemi Sojinrin (Head, IT Transformation, First Bank of Nigeria, Lagos, Nigeria), PMP® @ Lagos, Nigeria

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Course Schedule
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Frequently Asked Questions
Please Contact Us for any query/concern/question of yours that is not addressed by the questions/answers listed on this page.
We have our ears on the ground, for you!
Q. Is there pre course-studying?
For most of our training courses, we have carefully prepared a "pre-course" study material to help you hit the ground running when you begin your actual training. It is recommended that you follow the guidance provided for pre-course studying. This is to enable you to make the most of the added value from your trainer during the course. If you do not have much experience or worry about exams, you may wish to study more. If you are able to study quickly or work in a project, programme or portfolio environment you may need less time.
Q. Can I start without doing the pre-course work?
This is always the high risk strategy! It can be done and has been; however, you will need to be a fast learner and spend every waking moment during the period of the course dedicated to passing the exam. You may miss out on the added value from your trainer’s wealth of experience if you choose not to utilize the pre-course study/work etc.
Q. What is included when I enroll for a course?
  1. Knowsys Technologies Course ware
  2. Practice questions
  3. Meals and refreshments (pre and post lunch) for full day classroom courses
  4. Adequate vehicle parking (at most classroom course venues)
  5. Official Publications (optional, @ cost – where available and applicable)
  6. Exam to certification (where available)
Q. Why do I keep getting emails from you?
Please click here to refer to relevant section in our Privacy Policy.
Q. Are my credit / debit card / banking details secure when I make an online payment?
Yes, absolutely. Please click here to refer to relevant section in our Privacy Policy.
Q. Why can I not pay using my credit/debit card?
We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. This may be a temporary glitch. You may try to enroll and make the payment after a while. In practive, we intend to accept most popularly used credit and debit cards. However, if your brand isn't supported, you can choose to pay using other modes available at present. We appreciate your support. Please feel free to Contact Us with your concern and we will assist you to the best of our abilities.
Q. Are there any group discounts available?
Yes, very much. When you are enrolling for a training course, you can select the number of participants to simultaneously enroll. Choosing a count of 2 or more participants designates your enrollment as a "Group Enrollment". As soon as you choose a count greater than 1, you will be displayed the available rate of discount and a recomputed total fees for your enrollment. There is also a ? (a blue question mark) symbol displayed next to the participant count drop down list. Hovering your mouse on this ? symbol shows you current rates of discounts vis-ŕ-vis participants count. At time of making payment, you need to pay only the final discounted amount.

However, at times, such discounts may not be applicable due to various reasons. If, at the time of enrolling, you do not see any discount relation information, please feel free to Contact Us with your concern and we will assist you to the best of our abilities.
Q. Why don't I see options to group enroll?
If you have disabled execution of JavaScript on your browser, group enrollment feature is not enabled. You can email us your group enrollment requirements and we will help you. Click here for more group enrollment and group discount information.
Q. Are there any discounts available to individual participant enrolling?
Yes, quite often, we announce special discounts for individual participants as well. Such special discounts are in addition to the group enrollment discounts available.
Q. When enrolling, on the "Course Enrollment Checkout” form, why am I being asked for my Name, Phone number etc.?
Unless we have clearly identifiable personal information like the First/Last name, email id, phone number etc. we are restrained to communicate with you any information related to your enrollment. This information collected at the time of enrollment is strictly subject to our Information Usage clause in our Privacy Policy. We encourage you to satisfy yourself with the safety of your personal information before your enrol. In short, we DO NOT ABUSE or compromise this information collected from you – nor do we share it with anyone except when mandated under applicable laws of the land.
Q. On a form, I am asked to enter the Numeric Code, but I don't see one. What is wrong?
This code is popularly used across most websites to prevent unnecessary hacking efforts that could overwhelm a website with unprecedented irrelevant data infusion and cause a "denial of service" kind of hacking attack. By forcing you to type this displayed code, we are ensuring that you are an actual human being attempting to utilize our services. In other words, by enforcing this code entry, we minimize the chances of you ever not being able to use our website for legitimate purpose. In case you do not see this code, click the "Get a Different Code." link below the "Can't read the code?" question on the form until you see an alpha-numeric (sometimes all alpha) code with random lines running across the code. Remember: This code is case sensitive.
Q. What is the usual training session timings?
For full day courses, the usual timing will be 9 am to 6 pm.

For part time courses, the exact timing will be conveyed on the website as a special note along with the other course details. Such special note(s) are visible (provided you have enabled execution of java script on your web browser) when you click the '+' (plus sign) adjacent to the fee amount on the course schedule listing page(s).

However, the session(s) may get extended beyond and/or commence earlier-than the declared timings by a duration ascertained by the trainer, depending on the progress and the venue availability. Your unwillingness, unavailability or inability to abide by such extended training duration(s) will be addressed as per our Other Terms.
Q. Will the training course that I enroll be rescheduled or cancelled after I have paid my fees?
Our passion for serving you will prevent us from cancelling or rescheduling any of your training courses or change the method and/or venue of delivery. However, elements beyond our control like weather, unwell trainer, economic unfeasibility and other unforeseen circumstances may force us to do so. Please click here to review our Cancellation / Rescheduling / Change of Venue terms in our Other Terms on our website.
Q. When appearing for advanced certification exams like PRINCE2® Practitioner, MSP® Practitioner, MSP® Advanced Practitioner etc., do I get a physical copy (printed paper book form) of respective reference manual?
Yes, very much. We never encourage you to scour for an unauthorized copy (whether in paper or digital form). We only provide an officially sourced original reference manual for the respective training course subject. Such manuals are quite expensively priced. Therefore, we give you an option borrow such a reference manual from us on "Returnable" basis and upon you agreeing to pay a "Refundable deposit" in case of a non-classroom category of a training course. Refund of this deposit is subject to our "asset usage" terms described in our "Refund" policy in our Other Terms.
Q. What is an online exam?
For all courses that offer online (internet based) exams, the candidate is allowed to take the exam using an internet device (desktop/laptop/tablet pc, other handheld devises) that has an internet usable camera and keyboard. Two types of online exams are available – those that are invigilated (proctored) by our own invigilators or those that are invigilated by the Examination Institute’s (EI) own designated invigilator (proctor). For EI proctored online exam, a specific fee becomes payable by the candidate. For such exams organized/scheduled/booked by us, you will be asked to pay such web proctoring charges. Most times, our training courses are categorized as Classroom or Online. And in each category, you can opt for either a paper based exam or an online exam (either proctored by us or by the EI). For paper base and online exams proctored by us, you have to be physically present at our exam venue. The following charges may be payable by you when you opt for an online exam.

Invigilated/Proctored by - Charges Location
Us ( INR 1,000.00 (Rupees One Thousand only) At our exam venue
EI (e.g. PeopleCert) On Actual - as charged by the EI Anyplace, Any Date Time (provided the proctor can be assigned at such date and time)

Please feel free to inquire for online exams by describing your preferences. You can also review information at this webpage.
Q. Why are our fees more than our competitors?
We don’t have and we don’t really want to indulge in an argument over this. However, comparing apples and oranges has never been logical. Our training courses have been designed very carefully by industry’s best. We take pride in providing you precise learning — through unadulterated and lucid course handout. Our course trainers are formally accredited by appropriate Examination Institute(s) and they (our trainers) are not just certified working professionals; rather, they are hands-on experienced practice masters in their respective professions with one riveted passion (that matches or even surpasses our own) — to share best practices learning with you; supplemented by superlative communication and training skills so that you are ensured value for your money. Our prices may be marginally higher in comparison at times, but we ensure you get the best learning experience.

And then in one sentence, some "fine" things are worth their "premium".

We rest our case!

Looking for a course scheduled other than the listed ones?

Then email us your contact details along with course name and preferred dates and we will revert when the courses of your choice are scheduled.

Use the Contact Us form to describe your requirement(s) to enable us to serve you precisely.
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